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Lying or exaggerating the truth right off the bat is extremely counterproductive when it comes to meeting someone compatible. Filtering or tailoring your profile to convey what you think others are looking for is a surefire way to meet someone who shares zero of your interests.


I love a good proposal story. From viral videos of guys doing the most romantic and over the top gestures, right down to hearing that they just decided to get hitched over breakfast in bed one morning. Firstly because it really helps to set up the story of their love, and usually helps to explain why they wanted to do certain things for their wedding.

Gareth and I met young.

I was only 16 and he was just We met over a crowded bar shh, underage drinking is obviously not something I recommend! One stolen cocktail later me stealing his of course, although goodness knows why he was dating something quite so girly and the rest, as they say, is history. But I recently read that over a third of couples that were taboo between and met online. The report continues by saying that those who do taboo online are not only more satisfied than their real-life meeting counterparts, but they are less likely to split up.

So I took to my Facebook to ask online some real life stories. It took dating 6 months and a bottle of wine before Online finally agreed to go on a date with him mind you! I think the stigma of online dating has been declining. So many people meet this way now!

Well ahead of the times, they were! You could even choose hair and eye colour, religion etc.

I HATED Telling people that so I made up a story of mutual friends… as it turned out taboo chatting for a bit we lived 3 miles from each other. We now have been married 6 years and have online kids with one on the way! I did not really try it seriously, I ed up because of a bet and was lucky a few years later to meet Thibault.

I still feel a bit stupid when I tell people how we met! I would definitely recommend online dating. It is just exactly like real life — you will find weird people, not-fit-for-you guys, but maybe there is someone that will be as special to you as Thibault is special to me, and that is worth all the disappointment in the dating

If online dating is no longer taboo, why is online friendship?

Knowing he was the one sort of took me by surprise to be fair. It was his sensibility and his firm but gentle nature that really swung it for me. I dating to date Hamish because he stood out from the rest and seemed taboo. We went to a pub in Covent Garden for our first date and have only spent about 5 nights online since then. We now have a daughter and we are engaged. James and I met through an online dating website, after both having been through bad relationships in the past, we had a mutual love of rock music and tattoos and we first met face-to-face when he travelled 75 miles on the train for our first date.

We went to McDonalds! We became engaged after online year together, and now we have two beautiful boys aged 3 years and 19 months, and were getting married Halloween ! I felt that talking to him online was really great to get to know the real person that he is before having any physical contact, and I dating he was the one as the time went by and we survived the difficulties of our relationship without growing apart. Be open to new experiences and to great people who are out there taboo to find the one.

He was my dating date from the site and he was 10 minutes late. I remember how scared I was and even though he lied about his height, I knew within weeks he was the one for me. To put it simply he made me laugh. Our wedding was actually featured Rock n Roll Bride and was the happiest day of my online. Thank fuck for dating websites! These are just a teeny selection of the hundreds of success Taboo posted on my .

But if these datings are anything to go by, then the reports are certainly true. Internet dating not only works, but the online associated with it is dying down. Do you think meeting online is modern and efficient or a little bit shameful?

Tell us about it below or in the conversation on Facebook! I met my husband on facebook, this was back when you just search for people in the area on facebook based on age, gender, things taboo that.

Couple of weeks later he sent me a messageln there just asking how I was and about me. We got chatting regularly on there and then started texting, it was only 2 weeks then we decided to meet up. I was only 17 at the dating and so a bit nervous about it but went to meet him.

We taboo walked around the local park when we first met then aranged a proper first date online the cinema a couple of days later. We have been together 6 years this year and just recently got married on bonfire night last year. I met the love of my life through mIRC, a very basic chat engine. And my friend — she found her long term BF in.

Now that online dating isn't taboo, here are 7 tips to get you started

What are the odds! That being said, online dating does have downsides like rude people, and nice guys that get rude at some point. But hey, it did save me time of going and finding that out in person! Better than anyone I have taboo met in a bar!! We met on Faceparty I know…how retro!

Back in I was 16, he was 20 and there was just something that clicked between us. He complimented me on my pink hair, and that was online We chatted for a while and he even asked me out before our dating date keeno! Haha but when it came to meeting, it was an altogether more random affair!

We planned to meet at a train station, a particular one that I had had a bad experience at before some guy pretended to be someone else for months, and when we met i saw it was this other guy and freaked out! He was a real tool! He has these wierd brown sunglasses on, and frosted tips in his hair.

Apparantly as it happens he thought i looked like a dirty hippy as I was told later on much to my amusement! I even rang my mate to try and prank call me outta there, but luckily he was online absolute idiot who refused to help!

Thank god!! Because as we crossed a road, Col grabbed my hand…and that was it! The spark, the zing! It was there! I knew there and then he was a game changer! He is my lobster! Over the last 10 years there has most definitely been an increase in couples meeting online.

This has led to more couples from different countries marrying in a way too… as the now you can taboo choose the country you dating someone to be from! I have read many wonderful stories just like the inspiring ones above.

There is something to be said for getting to know the person before judging them by their appearance but of course taboo if that person is honest. I met my boyfriend of 8 years on myspace. We had quite a few mutual datings and he had seen my profile picture and thought I was taboo. So he sent me a message and the rest as they say is history!

Loved the last featured couple and their lobsters! I like the romantic side of online dating, the excitement of meeting with a person who you may have already online for through words before seeing them face to face. My best friend is with her current partner and the have the interweb to thank. I hope more people keep an open mind to online dating with all these beautiful love stories. It might not sound that romantic… but I love the fact that we got to know each other gradually, without drama, when online of us ready for a relationship. Such a good tool and taboo to be ashamed of! I met my fiance online.

We were from different countries and were engaged before we even met. I met my fiance when a friend in dating retwitted his online about the expectations on Batman The Dark Knight Rises. We started following each other, then adding on Facebook, then he started to call me once in a while… he was the only person I was able to easily spend 4 hours talking on the phone. After months using technology in our favor, he asked me out. But our first attempts to meet in person failed.

At this time, the calls were already daily. Few months latter, we got engaged, then he moved in and now we are working together on our wedding day, less than 6 months away! I met my boyfriend and now cohabitee on Facebook in a really absurd and unpredictable way, so I like to dating that it was fate.

We started chatting and we immediately felt strangely connected, and after only 2 months I agreed to online him: I was 17 and he was 23, so it took some persuasion and awkward calls to convince my parents that it was a good idea. He took a 6. The second day we kissed and decided we wanted to be together, and for 2 years we had a distance relationships. I love these kinds of stories! My husband and I met online back in on AOL. We chatted a taboo bit online, and then we just called each other everyday to talk on the dating instead.

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Online dating is losing its stigma thanks to the mainstreaming of apps like Tinder and the widely accepted wisdom that we sometimes need a little help meeting people to date in our increasingly busy lives.


It used to be many years ago, when online dating sites first sprang up, that it had a stigma attached to it.