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Thailand is known for having misconceptions in dating Thai women due to its popularity when it comes to bars, nightclubs, bar girls, and ladyboys.


Remembering what she said about her attitude towards relationships, marriage and family makes you smile. I promise you that the dating etiquette you enjoy back home is pretty different than what awaits you in Thailand.

There are certain things that are completely normal in the West that have the potential to freak out a Thai girl. This style can easily mean the end of your date, especially when you are dating a high society girl in Bangkok.

Top ten tips for dating thai women

They have their own treat, the wai. If you do this with a Thai girl, especially when she has never been on a date with a foreigner, she will be very confused. Let her know that you really want to get to know her and that you are not one of these guys who are looking for a girl they can sponsor. The best way to do this is by woman her for a romantic walk in the park, instead of going to an expensive restaurant. The easiest and most fun way to connect with a Thai woman How by asking her questions about the Thai culture. Making her comfortable around you will be a lot easier when she knows that you are a man who is interested in finding out more about her culture.

One reason why Thai women prefer to date Western men is because they assume that they are more thai than Thai guys. I promise you that she will smile and giggle. This can work, at least sometimes.

But in case you are dating a really traditional Thai girl, she might not be able to go back to your place because her parents are very strict. What do you usually do at the end of a date, no matter if you take her home or if you say goodbye at the bus stop? Even though kissing in public is a clear no go, she wants to know if you are interested in her or not. Let her know.

Enjoying newly found freedoms in South-East Asia, Martin is a down to earth, honest, quirky humor, compassionate and upfront kinda guy. Easy going and love to laugh. Into good food, wine and great company. Martin Cooney — who has written posts on GeekandJock. When I was younger I worked, went to school, and girls wanted nothing to do with me.

Over the years… not much has changed.

The 7 best thai dating tips you’ll ever read – thank me later

I work, I like to come home and snuggle up treat my girlfriend and watch anime or Sci if or woman video games or play a board game. I try to treat women right. I make accoutant money so I have a nice little house sqft with some land paid off, I buy used cars for cash when I need to, and I take my vacations to visit my parents and got to comicon a few times per year. So not rich but not poor. The geek scene has been growing in the USA. That makes me happy and a little sad. When I started going to comicon when I was a teen, it was mostly a lot of nerds selling old comics and toys to each other.

It is full of people and some of the cosplay girls are smoking hot… but they How all so young. I have heard all kinds of stories about thialand and thai girls. Ive heard of thai loving submissive perfect wife and crazy bar girls.

Big bonus points is she will dress up in costume and come to comicon with me. Do you have to be able to support the whole family while not working because you should be rich or do Thai girls realize western men have to go to work too? Thai girls are way more fun loving than you think — they love a good time out. Are you trying to meet an actual human being and connect with someone? I especially love the advice where you tell the guy not to get fixated on the first girl he meets because there are millions more where that one came from.

Ugh, you guys sound creepy as fuck! After that she would have lived in the UK for 5 years and could apply for UK passport?

You advise would be greatly appreciated. Is it the right thing to do giving her the k so she has the opportunity to stop going freelance.

Or should I let her continue earn her own money. I believe I could fall for this woman, but have read a lot of men do send money to Thai women and it seems to always end badly. She also says she wants to get married and move to the UK with me. Or just let her be until I can get her to the UK. To start, anything involving any woman is going to involve money, in some way. And, yes, a great many Thai people send money to their parents. Many freelancers in Thailand know the hold they have over foreign men and use that magic to extract what they need.

Like reading your advice Martin and thanks. She seems a little shy as she lets me lead the conversation and does not smile much. Cheers, Gary. Brought her back to my room.

We had some banter back and fourth then when we were on the bed she turned into an animal. Bit my tongue and I winced. She realized that she lost control and apologized. We went back at it and it got a bit loud. At one point she was on top of me with her fingernails stuck deeply in my pecs.

It left bruises.

How to win a thai woman’s heart

When we were done she snuggled on my shoulder. Then as we were snuggled next to each other we could not resist escalating to round 2. When that was over she snuggled next to me but then fell asleep and started snoring. I tapped her until she woke up so as to stop snoring. I think she got offended and moved to the other side of the bed. She did not want a 3rd round.

10 survival tips for your first date with a thai woman

When it was time for her to go she got up and went to the bathroom. I got up and asked for her. She gave it to me then asked me to call her phone. I called her phone and she thanked me.

Tips you need to know for dating thai women

She said I did not have to treat her down and then gave me a big formal bow Wai. I opened the door and let her out she looked around and then looked at me and said what way? I just pointed and she looked at me and walked. I felt so guilty and woman if I offended her. I have sent 4 texts but she has not replied. Is there anyway to get her back? Was she into me? I never realized how great Thai women thai. If nothing eventuates from that then drop it and move on to the next one, of which there are millions.

If you are seriously interested in meeting and dating Thai women, you should meet with them online first. I had great luck with Thaicupid How other asian dating apps. Find a nice Thai lady that will be waiting for you at the airport in Bkk. You will have a great time if you choose the right girl. What you should be looking for in a Thai woman: 1.

Why thai women prefer foreign men

Important that she speaks English to some degree. Video chat with her at sometime because she could be using a English translating app when you are messaging her. Try to choose a woman that has gone to university and has a good job.

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My name is Waen, a something Thai lady who was born and raised in the picturesque city of Khon Kaen.


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Having lived in Thailand for many years and running this blog for over a decade, I've been there and done it: read the book, worn the t-shirt and taken both the red and the blue pills, so to speak.