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They are not a warm or loving type of person.


They keep themselves apart from others. So, the cold-hearted person will act as if your life and your concerns are beneath them, likely because they genuinely believe they are. They are their own main focus. They value independence and self-sufficiency.

Remorse is another feeling they attribute to weakness, and they consider themselves immune. They can always blame the consequences on anyone but themselves.

It might even be a welcome distraction from other concerns. Ambivert vs.

Are You Socially Inept? They definitely prefer to avoid talking about them.

2) they don’t have any good relationships

They might even openly criticize elements of the story, marring the experience for other viewers. That connection you thought you had with them?

Your attachment to them is a threat. Cold-hearted people are often comfortable manipulating others to serve their own ends. If they can use guilt to get you to do something for them, they will.

Otherwise, they might exploit your apparent interest in being their friend. The sooner a relationship ends, the sooner they can move on to something else. Ending it themselves controls the potential for unwanted messiness.

The cold-hearted person is unlikely to allow themselves to fall head over heels or to allow anyone to have that kind of control over them. It bears repeating that not all who come across as cold or detached are cold-hearted; some are simply closed-off because life has taught them the cost of being vulnerable is too high.

That said, if you know someone who exhibits all the traits described above, here are a few tips for dealing with them:. This question deserves a comprehensive answer.

19 traits that reveal a cold-hearted person

The distrust is instantly mutual, and you quickly learn to be on your guard around them. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Everything they know about you is made up of stuff you told them willingly, without any of the usual social promptings.


Medically Reviewed By: Rachael Lee.