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Growing your photography business is easier than you think. Get tips and inspiration sent directly to your inbox each week. Have you ever had a client put an icky filter on one of your perfectly-edited photos? AskShootProof helps one photographer decide how to respond…. Dear AskShootProof. I photographed a wedding a couple months ago.

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The couple was really sweet, and everything seemed to run smoothly. But then last week this client tags me in a bunch of photos on Facebook.

How to make clients stop editing your photos | #askshootproof

At first I was excited, but then I see that the bride has ed a bunch of her wedding photos with some kind of weirdly colored filter on them. They look horrible! Nothing like the basically perfect pictures that I spent so much time editing!

But I also want to make this client take the photos down.

Why we do it: photographers and photo editors on the passion that drives their work

Or at least can I make her remove my tag? How should I handle this?

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Aran Prime portrait and Tyler Lastovich iPhone on table. It feels like we put bits of our hearts and souls into the photos we make and deliver. So when someone comes along and casually throws a filter on top of one of our photographs, it hurts. It feels disrespectful and downright rude.

The good news? But after about 20 years of photographing clients and 11 years of shooting weddings, I did learn a few lessons that may just help you out. You both look incredible! You deserve a little encouragement. Let me assure you: that is NOT the case. They love them enough to share them. Enough to play with them and put filters on them and post them on social media.

10 things photographers wished all clients knew

Obviously there are scenarios in which publicity is not good. Like getting arrested for smuggling pygmy owls into Paris, or trying to slip the Crown Jewels into your bra. Do not do those things.

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But if your clients are happy about the photos you made for them, the very last thing you want to do is disrupt that happiness in any way. In some cases, sure.

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Like if you have a commercial client who has purchased specific rights for certain images. But for wedding photos?

Photographer let me handle it

As a whole, the photos themselves have no real, tangible value to anyone but your clients. And, yeah—it IS horrifying to think that someone would mistake some random photo filter as your finished product. But your brand is so much more than your editing style. In fact, did you know you can build an entire brand without ever having a logo, a website, or a social media presence?

Photographer let me handle it

I once booked three high-end weddings in a single week simply because an influential vendor liked me. She had never even seen my photos. I did some research i. Lucjan Kierczak over at Survicate explains that our loyal clients are worth up to 10 times as much as their initial purchase.

Just think about that. For Inc. Your clients want to feel good about their interaction with you.

Why we do it: photographers and photo editors on the passion that drives their work

So if you do need to have a tough conversation with a client, making them feel good about the dialogue is more important than proving your point. Customize them to suit your voice, of course. The point is simply to make your clients feel good about their interaction with you. Anything that has to do with your contract should probably be handled in writing. I love that your friends and family are liking and commenting! Thank you so much for understanding! LOVE that idea. This final part is short, Overwhelmed.

I used to think of my contract as a protective legal document for me and my business.

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So, yes: add a new clause to your contract. Add 20 new clauses. Fifty new clauses! What matters is that you use your contract as a roadmap for communication.

Edited vs. retouched and why you should let your photographer handle the printing

Talk it through. Encourage questions. Find out what stresses out your client. What worries and fears do they have? How does your contract alleviate those fears?

Hourly rates & custom packages available for elopements.

Which parts offer insight and reassurance? But this approach can guide you through future interactions, and hopefully set the stage for a ton of wonderfully happy clients. Some photographers will move on and never contact you again. Other clients will invite you let their lives, into their homes, into their stories. Hold those happy clients close to your heart. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Post Comment. Search for: Subscribe Start Free. Search for:. Subscribe Growing your photography business is easier than you think.

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